Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shakti Mandir, Atlanta GA, Discriminating Muslims

My 3 year daughter and my 6 year old son along with me were denied access to Shakti Mandir's Navratri festival because we were Muslims. Me and my wife have a inter-religion marriage going on our 10th year. We have decided we will raise our kids knowing both the religion (Hinduism and Islam). We also want to teach our kids our Indian culture, and what better way to do it then in a Temple and more so in a festival.

Like every year my wife had been anxiously waiting for Navratri/Garba to come along so she could go to the temple and participate in the festivities. We have been going to this place for 14 years. On September 26th, 2009, we decided to go, my wife and my little princess got all dressed up in our traditional dresses, bengals, payals, etc. Along with our tradition of taking pictures, off we went. When we reached there I was asked to show my ID,after looking at it the volunteer told me that I cannot go. I asked him for the reason and he said because I am a Muslim and this is a Hindu's only festival. Me and my wife were outraged with his comment. We asked to talk to the person in charge, who was a committee chairman and he told us the same thing. We also saw Black and White Americans going in and out without any problems, when we asked about that we were told that they are allowed because they say "Jai Shree Krishna" but no Muslims.

I am trying to spread the word to you all you that the people who represent that temple are doing wrong in the name of Hinduism, which represent all Hindus. My question to you is, Do you think what the temple is doing is right or should they change their policy on this matter. Why only Muslims are not allowed and everyone else is allowed. Temples, Mosques, Churchs, Gurduwaras are the places where people should come together not fall apart.

Being discriminated is a very bad feeling and you dont know that until you have gone through it. I really dont want my kids growing up feeling that kind of hatred among another human being like this Shakti Mandir's committee members have with Muslims.

I would appreciate anykind of response you may have on this matter.

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  1. I agree with you. any mandir organizing a cultural festival should not have discrimination regarding caste or creed of people attending. yes they should make sure that their festivities go about smoothly, but for that they should be stopping rogues and not families with small kids. this is for sure racial discrimination. should not be tolerated.